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In-House Pet Laboratory Testing

 In-House CBC Machine:

New in 2016, Our Top-of-the-line machine runs your pet's Complete Blood Counts (CBC). This machine, called the ProCyte, uses cutting-edge technology to accurately determine the precise numbers and types of cells. For red blood cells, the machine tells us the total number, their size and hemoglobin concentration. For white blood cells (WBC), the ProCyte is able to differentiate between the five different types of WBC and give us total counts of each. The ProCyte also is able to determine platelet counts. In an emergency situation, having this information during your appointment is essential. For pre-anesthetic testing, this information is sometimes vitally important.

Oakton-Vienna Veterinary Hospital, Vienna VA; ProCyte

 Catalyst Dx Analyzer

 In-House Blood Chemistry: 

Our blood chemistry analyzer, the Catalyst, is the latest in technology to hit the veterinary market.  It can detect abnormalities involving your pet's kidneys, liver or pancreas; help diagnose diabetes and cushings disease; and evaluate electrolyte disturbances some of which can be fatal.  Before OVVH had the Catalyst, we were unable to run electrolyte testing in house.  With our new technology, doctors can determine treatment options faster and more efficiently.

Other In-House Diagnosis:

  •  Stool Analysis

Most commonly used to detect intestinal and some lung parasites. If a pet is having prolonged diarrhea we can check the stool for abnormal bacteria that can be causing harm.

  • Heartworm and Tick borne Disease Analysis

We recommend testing your dog annually for heartworm disease as well as three tick borne diseases found in this area.   This can be done during your pet's appointment, with results in 10 minutes.

  • FeLV/FIV Testing

This testing gives us the ability to diagnose or rule out these dangerous feline viruses during your appointment.

  • Urinalysis and Urine Culture

A urinalysis allows us to check to see if your pet has a urinary tract infection or something more serious, such as crystals in the urine, the presence of small amounts of blood, diabetes mellitus, elevated urine protein levels and other concerns. In addition, we have the capability of culturing urine in house so that we can definitively diagnose a urinary tract infection and determine the best antibiotic to treat your pet.

  • Fungal Culture Plate

Top-of-the-line culture plates diagnose ringworm fungus. 

  • Rapid Giardia Testing 
Using molecular technology, our Giardia tests test for this difficult-to-find gastrointestinal parasite in as little as 15 minutes.  This test is much more sensitive for Giardia than routine stool analysis when looking for causes of diarrhea.
  • SNAP Test for Pancreatitis 
Pancreatitis, or inflammation of the pancreas, can cause vomiting, diarrhea and/or abdominal pain and can be life-threatening in the most serious of cases.  With our in-house test, we are better able to determine whether a dog that is vomiting needs more intense treatment or whether she simply needs anti-nausea medication.